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Security Training & Education

This is where Praetorian Services instructor certified UK Degree qualified security consultants outshine all others. You may be unaware that the UK security consultancy industry is not government regulated. Therefore, how do you know that your business is getting the correct standard of information required to ensure you remain current and within corporate and legal legislation? When it comes to liability, being educated through the university of life does not cut it.

Praetorian Services has set the standard in security training and education to the highest level of performance for our clients. Who else can boast certifications and Degree qualifications to a Masters Degree level in the following:

  • Business Continuity
  • Incident Management
  • Risk Management
  • Security Management
  • Study of terrorism and Political Violence

In a world of diverse and growing security needs, let us help you transform your security challenges into opportunities.
Praetorian Services provide real time, reality-based training and education.

We own over one hundred acres of excellent private training areas with accommodation. We can accommodate students with full amenities.

Our training team is certified, qualified and current and boasts former military instructors, as well as former senior project managers who are experts in security management.

Our aim is to provide bespoke security training for organisations with specific requirements, which include:

  • The design, development and delivery of new security training courses
  • Consultancy services, assessment of training needs, evaluation of training contracts criteria and specifications
  • Details and implications of security industry legislation
  • Formulation of Emergency Management Plans and the implementation of the plan
  • Supervisor and Train the Trainer tailored courses
  • Periodic validation of security standards

We always aim to enhance cost effective liability reduction, thereby protecting the company and their employees.
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Our team ethos is:

Whenever and wherever you need us - we’ll be there
We will respond quickly and effectively – with maximum response & minimum fuss