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Incident Response Team Training

Do not let an incident become a crisis.

Incident Response Live Training Exercise conducted by Praetorian Services

An incident within your organisation can easily cause a loss of trust; negative news and collapsing confidence with a drastic loss of market share. Any incident can easily become extremely unpredictable and highly damaging. If incidents are mismanaged they can permanently degrade and damage national and corporate brand value, which has been nurtured and sustained over the years. However, if an incident is managed correctly, business recovery can be swift and long term effects and impacts contained, before it becomes a crisis.

The credibility and reputation of an organisation is highly influenced by the perception of its response and 'response time' during incident management situations. The organisation and communication involved in responding to an incident in a timely fashion makes for a challenge in any sphere. The key lies in the need for open and consistent communication throughout the hierarchy to contribute to a successful incident management communication process, its effective management and timely resolution.

At Praetorian Services our UK Degree qualified security consultants are experts who have spent years dealing with incident response management in their respective fields of civic, industrial, maritime and military. We specialise in real life, economical and practical training solutions to meet the needs of both today’s and future incident response professionals. Our programs are tailored to meet individual client needs. For more detailed course descriptions, contact Praetorian Services.

Our team ethos is:

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