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Incident Management Planning

Praetorian Services provide qualified educated intelligence consultancy teams that have worked in the highest levels of government, military, law enforcement or intelligence management to conduct reviews and assessments.

The strictest code of confidence is given to all clients.

Results of security testing have proven to be very successful, particularly in terms of improved performance of security personnel. The process we adopt will encourage correct procedures to be adhered to at all times.

This in turn will result in cost reduction as these areas are identified and corrected before they prove to be costly.
In addition, random spot checks can also be carried out on external vulnerabilities such as delivery vehicles, security testing at lockups, retail outlets and warehouses.

  • Review of existing security arrangements through security audits and security surveys to determine vulnerabilities.
  • Advising on the identification and classification of threats as well as possible improvements of existing security management structures such as incident management planning and business continuity planning.
  • Physical assessment of secure locations.
  • Praetorian Services teams are capable of security testing in real time situations to examine the effectiveness of security personnel.
  • Test purchases. The use of the very latest covert audio and body cameras enable us to provide the client with up to date information for training or discipline purposes.

We will design and implement procedural and physical security measures as required.

Full reports of findings and recommendations will be provided.

Our team ethos is:

Whenever and wherever you need us - we’ll be there
We will respond quickly and effectively – with maximum response & minimum fuss